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Unsuspend Bandwidth Exceeders

crazyaboutlinux shared this idea 9 years ago
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Hi There,

in cpanel whm there is an option to "Unsuspend Bandwidth Exceeders" [code]This will unsuspend any account that is getting a bandwidth exceeded message until the next

bandwidth check.


Here should have an option to "Unsuspend Bandwidth Exceeder" for selected user or users.

Vote Guys if you like this



Note from The Staff.

We are unsure of exactly what this feature is supposed to be. We "think" you would want to be able to select users and then only unban the selected users, instead of the all or nothing solution that is currently in place.

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if you need to Unsuspend a selected user then you need to increase that user's bandwidth limit and Unsuspend via account suspension management


how do i get cpanel bandwidth and put it into this, hehe sorry i just learning

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