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Update and improve forwarder management

Si shared this idea 7 years ago
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For as long as I can remember managing more than a handful of forwarders via cPanel has been an issue. When I had access to the alias file I could get around the limitations but I'm back to limited access again and that means manually removing each and every forwarder if I need to update anything and or change the destination email address for a domain en masse. I have a few suggestions regarding the improvement of the forwarder management:

multi select forwarders

1> Add check boxes alongside all forwarders to enable user to multi select forwarders so all or some forwarders can be deleted in one process. Can't believe this hasn't already been done it is such a chore and has been for a long time.

ability to add an additional field for a second destination email address

2> When creating a forwarder add a + next to destination email address field to enable an additional field for a second destination email address ...rather than having to add each forwarder twice to forward to multiple email addresses.

EDIT next to all forwarders

3> Add EDIT next to all forwarders to allow change of destination email address ...even if EDIT actually means the original forwarder is removed and replaced by the updated forwarder...basically to simplify the process.

remember filter (domains and pagination) choices after deleting forwarder

3> When deleting a forwarder you should be returned back to the page of forwarders for the domain you selected. That is, if I select a domain from the domain list to display forwarders for that domain and then select pagination number to say 100 after deleting a single forwarder I have to do this 'filtering' all over again as it defaults back to the unfiltered default page showing all forwarders for all domains 10 at a time. Frustrating.

replace existing forwarders for a particular domain

4> When importing email forwarders from a csv or xls file add daomin field and checkbox option so that during import you can replace existing forwarders for a particular domain.

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This feature request addresses my single biggest issue with the cpanel user interface. To many cpanel users, it may not matter at all. To those that have to manage even a modest number of forwarders it would be a huge time saver because the existing UI makes you start over and do many page requests for each forwarder that you need to maintain. Just taking you back to where you were in the list of forwarders (use cookies or sessions?) instead of starting over after each action would be a huge time saver but as this requester has illustrated, you can go beyond just making this "not a bad interface" and on to making it a powerful interface.

I would like to add to the request to replace existing forwarders.

I do not think that the ability to export a csv list of email forwarders is available, but it would go hand in hand with item #4 in this feature request. Minimally the ability to:

  1. Export all email forwarders (to be edited off line)
  2. Import email forwarder file with replace all option or the ability to delete all forwarders prior to using the existing import function to effectively replace all. I prefer the import with replace option as requested because it eliminates the window of time that there would be no forwarding in effect and mail could be lost.

Once the export all/import with replace all functionality is working, the next step would be to allow an export domain and an import with replace domain function.

Once that is working, then consideration could be given to export selected domains and import with replace selected domains and export forwarders that match reg expression and import with replace reg expression

Any where that I said replace, it should be made clear in documentation that "replace" means delete all matching and then add from file. It does not mean modify existing forwarders. It means replace one list or sub list with a new one.

None of the changes above require changes to the existing import, just some pre-processing (deleting) before the import. There is one more nuance that could be considered that would require the import logic. That would be the ability to put delete commands into the import csv. eg

The import file could have it's header line and then the detail items following it but interspersed could be delete commands such as

delete all

or delete

or delete my*.net

or delete abc*

lines would be processed in order, or in the alternative, require all the delete lines to come first in the file, followed by the header line (the first line in the file that does not start with "delete " followed by the list of forwarders to be appended.

Thank you for considering this feature request. If you have the ability to notify requesters and commenters as feature requests are evaluated by project managers for possible inclusion in future releases I would appreciate being kept in the loop.


When creating/editing a forwarder, I would also like to suggest adding an option to "forward only" or "store and forward" the email when an actual email account already exists.

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