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Upgrading to PCRE 8.4 or PCRE 2 (V.10.23)

atef81 shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like cPanel to update PCRE to 8.4 or PCRE2 (v10.23) to address bugs and provide functionality that is only available in the newer versions.


I was advised by my server company that cPanel supports only up to PCRE version 8.32, while the latest PCRE is version 8.4 and PCRE2 is at version 10.23.

According to Mediawiki (which I need PCRE to install one of its extensions), in this link here, "

  • PCRE 8.32 has a bug that will cause it to reject certain non-character codepoints, which will cause errors in the mw.html module."

The bug is discussed here.

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Historically we have relied on the OS-provided packages for PCRE, so if we move to upgrade PCRE it would be a departure from what we've done historically. That said, it's likely that your version of PCRE is already patched for the bug you mentioned. Just check the changelog, and if you're still unsure you can contact your webhost or our support team for more assistance.

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