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Urgent need for a Cpanel FTP username without the suffix!

CyberTechie shared this idea 6 years ago
Already Exists

I need to create an FTP account with a username of 10 characters or less. Currently this cannot be done in Cpanel because it appends the suffix. It would be nice if Godaddy can setup Cpanel to support this. I was advised by their Chat VPS Server Rep to create a new domain, and a new Cpanel account to use the root username and password which doesn't include the suffix; however, that is NOT a viable solution. I really don't need or want to give a new Cpanel account or access to any of those Cpanel files to my client. I just need to give them a basic empty FTP account with a username of 10 characters or less. How can something so simple be so difficult for Godaddy?

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cPanel & WHM already supports the ability to have a FTP account without the domain. It requires the server be using ProFTPd, and the account having a dedicated IP address. If you need assistance in getting this setup you'll need to open a support ticket, likely with your GoDaddy tech support team.

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