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Verify cpmove tarball integrity

Guest shared this idea 9 years ago
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Sometimes when packaging accounts the resultant tarball is corrupt, unknown to the person doing the migration. This causes headaches for all involved, especially when restorepkg extracts the tarball and the (incomplete) data within.

This request is to add a very simple check to pkgacct-pXa, pkgacct-da, pkgacct-enXim, and pkgacct to verify the integrity of the tarball that it created. The proposed idea is as follows:


tar ztf $tarball >/dev/null

if there is output (which should only be STDERR, indicating corruption of the tarball)

log this information to the pkgacct log file

rename the tarball from /home/cpmove-$user.tar.gz to /home/cpmove-$user.tar.gz-corrupt


Patches and builds for pkgacct-pXa, pkgacct-da, and pkgacct-enXim can be found here:

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