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View AWStats without logging into cPanel

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 10 years ago
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From time to time there are requests to be able to view awstats data without having to log into cPanel. A few of you have come up with custom solutions such as these:

awstats proxy display outside cPanel

Making AwStats available outside of cPanel ?

The purpose of this thread is to check the interest level of customers having the ability to view their awstats data without being required to log into cPanel first.

Original thread:

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In my previous hosting the awstast was public; now is required to login into the cpanel and this is very frustrating. I hope that you decide to make the awasts statitistics public. Thanks and regards.


Yes, this is something I find really annoying. I am coming from Plesk where awstats was accesible either publicly or via a password protected directory. Now I am stuck with this.

It is strange I see so omany people asking for this for so long, and no solution given apart from reinstalling AWStats outside CPanel, which is a very non elegant solution.


I believe that awstats needs to be protected behind a password. I believe the subuser feature request could allow the creating of user account that could only access awstats and would in my oppinion also solve this feature request.

You could then give access to the server stats to your SEO expert or even to your end customer if you are a webmaster, without giving them access to all of the files etc.


Please make AWStats available via a password protected directory.

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