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Visual Disk Utilization report ("View Disk and Quota Usage") in WHM

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 10 years ago
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Resellers have access to "View Bandwidth Usage" to see how much bandwidth they are using. But how do they view the same information, but for Disk Utilization / Disk Quota ? Perhaps I'm missing something, or have accidentally turned off something the reseller needs?

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I see at least 5 threads on the forum about this feature. It absolutely necessary.


Agreed. This is crucial. I have been wanting this for years and finally got around to this forum just to ask about it. The more clients I have, the more ridiculous it is that I cannot easily view Disk Usage in the same way I can quickly view Bandwidth usage.

Please, please, please add this.


You can at least see (and sort) accounts by disk usage if you go to List Accounts in WHM.......

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