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Warn if backups are disabled after an account transfer or restore

Scott Neader shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a web hosting provider, I would like to WHM to include warnings post-transfer or restore if an account has backups set to disabled so that I am able to enable them on the destination.


As a server administrator that cares about customer data integrity and disaster recovery, I want all hosting accounts backed up regularly, I would like to request an improvement to the "Restore a Full Backup" and "Transfer Tool" features in WHM to aid in this important goal:

Background: I was recently shocked to find two hosting accounts on one of our servers with backups fully disabled. After investigating, it was found that both of these accounts came from full backup tar.gz files generated by the "Backup Wizard" on other servers not owned by us. Those hosting providers had backups disabled for these users, and that setting is carried over and maintained inside the tar.gz backup file. When these backups are restored in WHM, there is NO WARNING that backups are disabled. Worse, the transfer/restore logs do not indicate that backups are disabled either, so even if we review the transfer, we have no clue that this is the case.

Proposed Solutions:

1) Warnings after Transfer & Restore: WHM already gives us good warnings about other potential issues after a transfer or restore... for example, if the account is assigned a Package that does not exist on the new server, or if a MySQL password requires a reset, etc. I would like cPanel to also provide a warning after the restore or transfer, if it has set backups to disabled.

2) Improved logging: The current transfer/restore log simply says:

[ 16957][RESTORE:1 ][A:redacted ]: Restoring backup config …
[ 16957][RESTORE:1 ][A:redacted ]: Updated backup config for “redacted”.
This should be modified to make it more clear what type of backup config is being restored or updated. Specifically, it should say something like "Updated backup config to 'Disabled' for 'redacted'" (or similar wording) so that for those admins that carefully review each transfer or restore, there is more of a clear message that backups are disabled.

Thank you for considering this feature request.

- Scott

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Same thing happened to me. I was also shocked to find transferred hosting accounts not being backed-up.

I think a better solution is simply enable the backups of all transferred accounts if the server setting has backups enabled.


Exactly my thoughts! If backups are enabled server-wide, why would you want an incoming / transferred account NOT to have backups enabled? (and with no warning?)

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