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Warn that no users are selected for backup

cPanelJared shared this idea 8 years ago
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As a server administrator, if I enable backups in Home » Backup » Backup Configuration, or legacy backups in Home » Backup » Legacy Backup Configuration, my expectation is that that is all I need to do, that all accounts will be backed up. If I am not already aware of Home » Backup » Backup User Selection, I will not know that I must enable one of the two backup systems for each account, before it will be backed up.

The result of this is that I think backups are happening, but if I do not look closely, I will not realize that nothing is being backed up, possibly until I actually need a backup of an account and it is not present.

If no backup system is selected for any user, I would like to see a simple but very obvious warning in both Backup Configuration and Legacy Backup Configuration, telling me that no users are selected to be backed up, and giving me a link to Backup User Selection so that I can turn on one or both backup systems for some or all users.

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This is a must. I "fell for it" on 2 or 3 servers before making it part of my setup routine to select all users manually. This is quite inconvenient but at least it's feasible if there is a warning. When there is no warning one may find themselves with no backup when it's actually needed!


Hey all! While this specific request isn't resolved yet, we did make one subtle change in v58 (which hit CURRENT today) that will help here. At account creation time the backup setting for all users was historically set to 0 (or disabled). This setting will now be set to 1 at creation time, which will mean that any accounts created on 58+ will be backed up automatically. If you have questions, let me know!


In the backup config, near the button for 'Select Users' (which should rather say 'Select cPanel Account for Backup')

I would strongly recommend to put a note next to it: "NO user accounts will be backup up unless selected here" (in red!)

Thanks for (strongly) considering this :)

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