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way to disabled dane from panel for some domain or completely

smemorex shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like the ability to set “hosts_try_dane” to disabled either by default or by domain so that I am able to disable this feature where there are misconfigured recipients.


In cpanel 86 you updated exim to 4.93 that enable dane by default . on changelog we see

JH/22 The smtp transport option "hosts_try_dane" now enables all hosts by default. If built with the facility, DANE will be used. The facility SUPPORT_DANE is now enabled in the prototype build Makefile "EDITME"

there is a need to disable this feature by mx domain or completely, where there are misconfigured recipients,

basically allow to set

hosts_try_dane = "" to disable for all,

or to a list of mx to disable few of them,

while the new default is

hosts_try_dane = "*"

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