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We have caldav/carddav support, have about permissioning of it?

Mark Chaney shared this idea 5 years ago
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Love the work you are doing on the caldav/carddav support. Pretty stoked about activesync support as well. How about the ability for us to share our calendars/contacts with other cpanel users? Give us the ability to specify their email account and if we want to give them view or edit access. Pretty please?

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The most commun request we have is not to share calanders with iphone and computer but be able to share calanders and contacts beteen other employees using the same domain.

We need each webmail user to be able to setup multiple users for their caldav calanders and cardav address books and choose what each user can do (read only etc.).

User's can't give away their e-mail password to share calanders with other people in their company. Without this ability it doesn't actually make much sense.


Actually, these features are available now! Here is how you can get to these permissions:

To manage Address Book Permissions:

  • Enter Horde and click "Address Book"
  • Next to the Address Book you wish to edit sharing permissions for, click the Pencil Icon
  • Click the "Change Permissions" button

To manage Calendar Permissions:

  • Enter Horde and Click "Calendar"
  • Next to the Calendar you wish to edit sharing permissions for, click the Pencil Icon
  • Click the "Sharing" tab
  • You can set basic Sharing Preferences here. In order to create permissions by user, click the "advanced settings" link

I hope this helps!


So thats a horde feature. Is Horde using cPanel's caldav/carddav server or is cPanel using Horde's? Im not a fan or Horde, so I would prefer not to direct users to it. The rest of the caldav/carddav info isnt in horde and would prefer it all at one place. Plus maybe some admins dont even want to have Horde as one of the webmail options available and have it disabled, but still want caldav/carddav features. Make sense?


+1 for having this outside of horde. Most of our customers use Roundcube and it should not depened on having horde enabled.


Currently, the CalDav/CardDav system is utilizing the built in Horde UI for management of the permissions, etc. It is our goal to have this moved away from Horde in a future release so that it is a stand alone system and can be integrated into any compatible client, such as RoundCube and the like. Our strategy has been to role this out in feature increments in order to gain feedback, such as this, so that we can build a better product. We are also working to update the implementation of CalDav/CardDav to the most up to date version and keep it updated as new features/improvements/bug fixes are rolled out.

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