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Webmail - restore space-used/quota to inbox banner

Dan Lewis shared this idea 15 months ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like the banner in webmail with the mailbox size/quota ratio restored so that users can easily monitor their own usage.


One of my co-workers asked me what happened to the mailbox size/quota ratio that has been in the banner line of webmail for ages. I asked some server peeps who said it disappeared in the last round of updates. Not sure if that was intentional, or just "fortunes of war" and all that. But, if that can be brought back, then I can name precisely two end-users who would be quite pleased. One of whom would be me.

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Completely agree. After discussing with cpanel I believe the top bar had some issues with responsive design and this is why it was removed. Instead perhaps cpanel can provide the ability to add custom code (to roundcube or a custom webmail for example) to show the quota display within Webmail, similar to the new "Return to cPanel Webmail" button that can be added as described at

Our users expect a quota display in Webmail without having to click to another page. It seems now it's also not possible to use Roundcube's quota display either due to cpanel changing the dovecot quota system. We need a way to show email user's their quota usage directly in Webmail applications!

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