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When adjusting MX records, detect local/remote domain change shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a server administrator or webhosting provider I would like my users to be able to adjust their MX records and have cPanel update the local/remote domain setting automatically, if I have chosen to have that automatically detected so that a change in my user's mail servers does not require contacting me.

Context: In the new Zone Editor interface (as well as in the historical Simple/Advanced editors), when I add or change my MX records, it will allow me to change my record without at all indicating to me that I might end up with email routed incorrectly due to that setting. This setting should still be configurable, even after the MX record interface is removed from cPanel, and should be improved to automatically educate the user and trigger a re-detection of the email destinations.

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I am less interested in "detecting" local or remote, and more interested in making SURE that the ability to CHOOSE routing is still available. Some of our customers utilize 3rd party spam filtering, such as Spam Experts. This requires that MX records be set to non-local MX records, but Email Routing MUST be set to LOCAL. If you use "auto detect" then this is completely broken... cPanel will detect "remote" MX records, and set Email Routing to 'Remote'... thus, when emails arrive, Exim will reject them. Not acceptable. Please do something in the new Zone Editor to allow Mail Routing selection, just like the old MX Entry did. That worked perfectly fine.

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