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When mod_userdir is disabled, UI alert message should block all "mod_userdir Tweak" options

cPanelRyanR shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a web-hosting provider, I would like to prevent end users from accessing mod_userdir when the handler/module configuration prevents it from working so that they will not be confused when they’re unable to make changes in mod_userdir work.


In the "mod_userdir Tweak" interface in WHM, there is a "warning" alert message that appears at the top of the page when the handler/module configuration prevents mod_userdir from working (ie, mod_ruid2 or mod_ITK).

I believe that this should be considered a "critical" error message in the context of that specific interface. If mod_userdir is essentially disabled, then users should be prevented from making changes to the mod_userdir Tweak UI.

In its current state, in my experience observing many people utilize this section of the UI while this alert is present, users are not noticing the message, and are continuing to try to work with mod_userdir Tweak, confused as to why they're not able to get anything working.

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