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WHM API create_user_session for suspended accounts

Daniel Johansson shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a web-hosting provider I would like to create user login sessions for suspended accounts so that our support staff can login to suspended accounts without requiring the server root password.

As of today the WHM API 1 endpoint create_user_session is able to create, generate and return a login session URL for a suspended account. However you are not able to use this URL to actually login to the account. If you do you get an error from cPanel saying "The login is invalid.".

As of today the only workaround for this as we know of is to login directly to cPanel using the cPanel username and the root server password.

Our support staff needs to login to suspended accounts from time to time to check settings or other setup related data. For example when an account is migrated from one server to another.

Sharing the root password is not at all ideal. Therefore it would be a really good feature to be able to create user sessions for suspended accounts.

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