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WHM Service Restart - Prevent Undesired Initiation After Re-Opening Browser/Tab/Bookmark

dhaupin shared this idea 8 years ago
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There is a chance of undesired service restarts in WHM due to human error or forgetfulness. I believe there should be a failsafe like a separated "restarted successfully" URi in place to prevent this. Heres how it works:

Leaving the "service restarted successfully" tab(s) open in your browser is a bit dangerous because there is a chance it will re-initiate the service restart upon re-opening saved tabs browser session, restoring a crashed browser tab, visiting saved bookmark, or worse yet, switching back to the Chrome task on a mobile (since it always refreshes). It appears on the surface to be a simple "success screen" however the URi is the same, and therefore can be re-initiated via that pane.

Let's say for example that you restart MySQL using the WHM GUI. There is the success screen, restart finished, success screen shown, great. Now you move to another tab and continue your work. The end of the day hits, you close the browser, it saves your tabs. In the morning you open the browser and notice your APP and sessions just crashed because MySQL went away. This is assuming that your browser reopens tab sessions and your WHM cpsess ID is still valid of course.

Or another example, let's say you had to log in on tablet to do a fast restart using Chrome. You nav away from the browser for whatever reason. Upon switching back to the browser, your tab is refreshed since this is default Chrome behavior. Oops your MySQL just restarted again.

A success screen (and/or URi) should not re-initiate a restart. It would be cool to build a mechanism into WHM that prevents this, something like the success screen is a different URi than the actual restart initiation screen. The only thing that should initiate the restart is the actual button click. Thanks!

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Similar undesired issue with "save button" (dealing with unnecessary service restart)


I believe you are describing a bug, rather than a feature request, so I created an internal issue with your report in it. The internal issue number is "CPANEL-1726". Look for when it is resolved in our release notes.

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