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WHM Theme - Dark Mode

Technicare Imaging shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like a Dark Mode for the WHM Theme (similar to how paper_lantern has a Dark Mode for the cPanel UI), so that the site is usable with less eye strain.

Thank you.

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I currently use 'Dark Mode' Chrome addon while working during nights however it looks ugly but good to prevent eye strain however an actually official cPanel dark mode would be great.


Still waiting for this... working the cPanel Black Theme is fabulous!!!!!


While cPanel reacts to this, I recommend the extension: (chrome, firefox, safari, etc)

I use it for WHM & cPanel and it works great. (I also use it for nearly all other websites).

The downside is that the web SSH terminal isn't compatible, so I have to disable the plugin (one click) to use it. Also, it might slow your computer a little.

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