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WHM/cPanel Maintenance Mode

Steini “SteiniPe” Pétur shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a web hosting provider, I would like the ability to put my server in “maintenance mode” so that during a migration, I have the ability to prevent users from creating/managing files on the older server and those changes not migrating to the new server.


Hey Guys,

I am currently migrating one server to another due to issues with hardware. I am following the guide given here

However what I noticed is there is no official way to suspend the server, I feel like in such a big system such as WHM/cPanel that the master accesss should be able to put to "Maintenance ON" So that users can't access websites to update their files.

I've had it happen before when after the migration was done because it takes quite a while to Migrate everything over, the Transfer part is quick but the Restore part is long as it has to "Stream homedir from source server".

It's not like you can shut down the old server after Transfer is 99% It has to finish the "5 at a time Restore".

While this is all happening, a guy named "John" decides to write a stellar article on his website unaware that we're slowly migrating everything over, John's account was already migrated starting as "aJohnisGreat" user, now on the new server his article will disappear..

That's the issue here, if we could have put maintenance on, John wouldn't have been able to write his brand new article about an interesting stuff. This leads us to have to park the server for a while, just let it simmer in shutdown mode on a temporary IP for let say a good 7 days to have anyone that comes out of the wood works to re-transfer his site.

I think WHM should be implementing a Maintenance Mode to block all avenues while the migration takes place, informing people that the server is down for Maintenance, with a preferable customizable message like WHMCS.

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