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Trevor Lockwood shared this idea 10 years ago

As a newbie to cPanel and WHM I was confused by the lack of simple instructions at WHM.

The playlists only show 20 tracks, where are the rest I added, how do I control those?

The new Sonic player is great - but is not in the WHM user area.

I loaded new tracks to the player - but how do I add these to a playlist? I click to add - to be taken to my home computer, if I ftp more than 20 - they don't show.

I want to repeat some files (promos, ads, beds) - how do I do that without reloading?

It's a common problem with software instructions - you let the guys that write the stuff try to explain it - but they know too much, so idiots (like me) flounder in the dark.

I've only asked for help once - and WHM admin replied immediately, with the right answer. Pity I had to ask, it wastes everyone's time.

BTW: I don't know the answer to the questions I've asked above.

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Your description doesn't match functionality in the stock cPanel & WHM product. Are you perhaps referring to the WHMSonic plugin ( ?

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