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Writing webserver error logs as files

Viktor Spanagel shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a hosting provider to other resellers, I would like for the error logs from Metrics> Errors to also be saved to the user’s home directory so users can access all their error logs at a glance.


I am a system administrator of a hosting provider that uses WHM/cPanel. Currently, we have received a request from a reseller, which we would like to present to you as a feature request:

As you know webserver logs are currently kept in the cPanel interface under Metrics -> Errors. Our customer and also we think it would be a good idea if these log files would also be written to a file in the file system. Similar to the webserver access-logs or the PHP error-logs.

This would be an enrichment for developer agencies as well as for administrators who debug applications via the CLI, because this way all log files could be observed in parallel via "tail -f"

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