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X-Ham-Report header [case CPANEL-25330]

Charles Lindsey shared this idea 5 years ago
Open Discussion

As a systems administrator, I would like the X-Ham-Report header to be redesigned to eliminate the empty line contained within, so that the line isn’t mistaken as a division between the headers and body of the message containing the header.


This header contains lines consisting of whitespace only. I originally reported this as a bug but it now seems that it is allowed (just) by RFC 5322. Although all major news clients process this header correctly, many emails get read by assorted bots which can easily mistake this line as the division between the headers and the body of the message, and Googling will reveal examples of confusion it has caused going back over many years. I can see no useful purpose which is served by this empty line in the X-Ham-Report header, and I therefore suggest that the format of that header be redesigned to eliminate it. I understand from Jennifer Steinberg that the developers are prepared, in principle, to re-examine this issue.

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