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Zone Editor support for raw record types

Travis Ellis shared this idea 4 years ago
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I would like the Zone Editor in cPanel & WHM to support the raw record types, allowing me to use any record I need.

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User @Lethe wrote this post on the cPanel Forums:

There are plenty of perfectly legitimate reasons to have access to nameserver records:
- Add other, non-cPanel nameservers. These need to be added in cPanel as well. Useful in case DNS goes down on this server/cluster.
-- Right now, cPanel forces us to use cPanel-only nameservers. This is equivalent to a walled garden. It's counter productive and it ties us into a product with no way out.
- Delegate a subdomain to a user/employee to which you don't want to provide access to the main DNS.
-- Employee can run it on the same server, or a different server. It doesn't matter, but I can give him full control.


This could be only in the WHM; most end user clients would rarely need this.

It can be an "Advanced" view of the zone editor which does not validate any "custom" record types on submission (or more loosely so for security but not exact syntax?).

Then on subsequent use of the editor, as it retrieves the zone for display, if it fails simple validation, disable the simple editor page and display a msg like "This zone currently includes entries which fail simple validation. <Click here to use the advanced zone editor>. Should those entrie(s) be removed in future, you will regain access to the simple zone editor."

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