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Delete Domain Aliases In Bulk

Open Discussion Rob B. Accounts Comments: 6 Reply 2 days ago by Rob B.
1 vote

Add support for CAA DNS records (type 257)

Open Discussion Royce W. DNS Comments: 19 Reply 13 hours ago by
33 votes

EasyApache 4 HTTP2 Support

Pre-Release Weverton V. HTTP Comments: 44 Reply 1 week ago by Campano
382 votes

Nginx proxied to Apache (not standalone Nginx)

Planned esalogica HTTP Comments: 32 Reply 17 hours ago by
111 votes
53 votes

Disable Automatic self-signed SSL

Needs Feedback User Interface Comments: 13 Reply 2 days ago by garconcn
15 votes

Migrate IMAP mailbox to cPanel

Open Discussion Nathan L. Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 45 Reply 4 days ago by brt
98 votes
11 votes

Add Domain Aliases In Bulk

Open Discussion Rob B. HTTP Comments: 3 Reply 2 days ago by Rob B.
1 vote

Allow to change TTL on MX records

Open Discussion Teotónio R. User Interface Comments: 1 Reply 11 months ago by
5 votes

Out of date software notifications (added to iContact?)

Open Discussion France P. Security Comments: 8 Reply 4 days ago by Frazer M.
4 votes

SSLHonorCipherOrder on Apache

Open Discussion Ходоренко М. HTTP Comments: 4 Reply 4 days ago by Karl A.
8 votes

Backup Destination FTP with SSL/TLS support

Open Discussion lorio Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 8 Reply 3 days ago by Douglas P.
27 votes

cPanel user Granular backup/restore

Open Discussion Mike Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 11 Reply 3 weeks ago by SoftDux
99 votes

backup progress indicator

Open Discussion leray 1 year ago User Interface No Comments
3 votes

MLOGC Included with EA4

Planned lwcpfeatures HTTP Comments: 4 Reply 3 days ago by quizknows
15 votes

Manage WordPress from within cPanel

Open Discussion Third-Party Integration Comments: 10 Reply 6 months ago by dimkasta
12 votes

Incremental Monthly Backups

Completed Living M. Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 1 Reply 18 hours ago by
2 votes

Suspend Account to also suspend custom DNS records

Open Discussion Feature I. Accounts Comments: 6 Reply 1 day ago by Kaydet.Net
17 votes

Default Show Hidden Files in File Manager

Open Discussion John C. Comments: 1 Reply 4 days ago by freedomizer
2 votes

Limit API Token to a specific IP Address

Open Discussion Mike Security Comments: 1 Reply 2 days ago by Monarobase
1 vote
132 votes

Ansible module

Open Discussion Dincer C. Third-Party Integration Comments: 2 Reply 4 days ago by Monarobase
3 votes
12 votes

Bandwidth overruns - notify only, don't suspend account

Open Discussion spaceman Accounts Comments: 12 Reply 1 year ago by Cas E.
52 votes

Why cPanel don't have a Retention Policy?

Open Discussion Karim F. Email Comments: 4 Reply 5 days ago by gaborgabor
8 votes

Add DMARC to the Email Authentication UI

Open Discussion User Interface Comments: 5 Reply 3 days ago by jmginer
22 votes

cPanelIDs in Marketplace configuration for Resellers

Open Discussion Ozzy S. 1 week ago Reseller No Comments
1 vote

Stop the autoresponder sending to lists and forwards

Open Discussion Kevin M. 3 weeks ago Email No Comments
1 vote

squirrelmail is old and looks like from the 1990

Open Discussion Gabriel B. 4 weeks ago User Interface No Comments
1 vote

Redis cache For cpanel

Open Discussion Mahmudul H. HTTP Comments: 12 Reply 1 month ago by Greg
31 votes
1 vote

Option to set forwards as active/inactive

Open Discussion Fred W. 3 weeks ago Accounts No Comments
1 vote

Webmail Logout Redirection

Open Discussion Iti M. 2 weeks ago No Comments
1 vote

Disable User Manager

Open Discussion Ron N. 2 weeks ago Accounts No Comments
1 vote

Add option to compress incoming email

Pre-Release jandafields Email Comments: 7 Reply 1 week ago by jandafields
19 votes
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